Lit Kits Will:

engage your child in authentic literacy experiences

provide your child with daily literacy opportunities

create rituals and routines that foster positive connections to literacy

& much more...


Authentic Literacy Opportunities

Reading and writing is such a natural part of our everyday world. When we use these authentic experiences to teach our children about reading and writing we provide them with a host of skills that will support their literacy work using real life purposes. It makes reading and writing fun and meaningful.

Key Habits

Each kit focuses on one key habit. The purpose of the four kits is to take one kit every three months and put into practice that one key habit. Each key habit will help the other habits associated with it fall naturally into place. By focusing on habits instead of skills, you begin to learn the habits that last a lifetime.


Each kit comes with a set of tools to help you establish the key habit smoothly and easily. The tools consist of a variety of materials that encourage your child to read and write throughout the day. The paper products are made so that little hands can record thoughts and ideas in fun and different ways.

Ages and Stages

These kits are perfect for children ages 3-6 who show an interest in reading and writing, beginning readers and writers, reluctant readers as well as children who appreciate using stationary. Honestly, I think it's for everybody. But when you really work at establishing these habits between the ages of three and six, it will be smooth and easy and last a lifetime